I wanted to sketch a new banner for the site for a little while, so I made myself some 8×1 blocks and started doodling.


Random Doodles

Just some mindless doodling while watching a movie the other night. It’s nothing special, just started with a fire hydrant and ended up drawing video-game references. No Wacom this time… good old-fashioned 8×11.5, 6B pencil on 100% post-consumer paper.

Napoleon and Snowball

Napoleon and Snowball

After reading Animal Farm, I was interested in the pictures Orwell painted to the two pig leaders, Napoleon and Snowball. I thought they would be perfect for a couple of crazy character sketches. I learned, though, that there’s just not that much brought out visually, especially with the limitation that snowball can’t use clothing or anything. I definitely pictured him as a rambo-type guerrilla.

Captain Vegetable

Captain Vegetable: "CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH!"

For some reason, this single sketch comes back to me more often than any other Sesame Street bit. Funny, I still don’t eat enough vegetables.