Napoleon and Snowball

Napoleon and Snowball

After reading Animal Farm, I was interested in the pictures Orwell painted to the two pig leaders, Napoleon and Snowball. I thought they would be perfect for a couple of crazy character sketches. I learned, though, that there’s just not that much brought out visually, especially with the limitation that snowball can’t use clothing or anything. I definitely pictured him as a rambo-type guerrilla.

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  1. I’m always confused by which posts on my blog get a lot of traffic. This is the second-most popular post of all time on this blog, and 12 of the 20 top search term hits I get obviously point to this post. Indeed, Google Image Search for “animal farm napoleon” put this picture pretty near the top.

    I especially find this odd because this is a ten-minute sketch, and one of my least favorite pictures on the blog. Also, why so much interest in Animal Farm pictures?

    I wonder how many 8th grade reports and presentations my work has shown up in by now? I suppose if I want to be really popular, I should be illustrating The Great Gatsby and The Scarlet Letter too.

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