Tightrope Thrills

September 2011
A teddy-bear rescue on the high wire. Utilizes motion tracking and head-mounted display technology.

My roles: Programmer, voice talent, co-designer

Interactive experience created for Building Virtual Worlds Fall 2011, Round 1. Developed in Unity3D. Produced at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Development time: 2 weeks.

Move your head to look around.
Tilt the pole left and right to maintain your balance.
Push the pole forward to walk faster (harder to balance)
Pull the pole back to walk slower (easier to balance)

Created by Team 3:
Producer: Pei-Lin “Cynthia” Lu
3D Artist: Josephine Tsay
2D Artist: Anabelle Lee
Sound Designer: Pei-Lin “Cynthia” Lu
Programmer: Brad Buchanan

Steven Jones as the Ringmaster
Brad Buchanan as J-Bear

See the Building Virtual Worlds presentation

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