Pepper Knave

A “down the rabbit hole” tabletop adventure for three players. Created for my game design course – My first experience creating, playing or running a tabletop RPG.

When your friend vanishes through a portal on the local playground, you find yourselves trapped in a fantasy world where animals hold jobs and ordinary objects have extraordinary power.

I was challenged to create and run a three hour roleplaying adventure for three players, using a simplified d20 rule system (like Dungeons and Dragons). This is a first attempt for me – it was a lot of fun for our group, but there are definitely flaws in the design that came out during play. Putting together a story was the most difficult part for me. I’m a decent writer but I’ve written very little fiction, and knowing how to communicate plot moments was hard.

Pepper Knave Adventure Summary
Pepper Knave Maps (1MB)
Pepper Knave Full Postmortem (6MB)

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