One Odd Morning

This morning, I had a dream about attending a graduation held in the parking lot of my apartment complex.  At this graduation, the choir from my old school sang an arrangement of “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap while performing a stomp routine. I don’t even have a copy of that song. I went looking for choir versions, and this one is the most like what I saw and heard in my dream.

Then, while driving my wife to work today, we saw the following three things in sequence:

  1. A stuffed (dead) poodle in some lady’s back seat
  2. A large wooden cross tied to the top of a truck (I’m not sure that counts…)
  3. A small cannon, apparently from the U.S. second artillery, named “Dolly” being pulled behind a car.

Portland sure doesn’t need any help being weird.

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