Loaves #10 and #11

My first attempts at wheat bread came out of the oven looking pretty, if a little unusual. Imagine my disappointment when I cut into the loaf and discovered the center was totally uncooked! It happened to both loaves. Alleson had me put one back in the oven, and we sort of salvaged it, but on the whole it was not a great batch.

I’m not sure what went wrong. At the moment I suspect either wheat dough behaves differntly than I expect, or my dough was too dry, causing the outside to bake too quickly. Oh well – time to try again!

2014-02-04 21.54.38

2014-02-04 22.09.57

2014-02-04 22.18.42

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  1. Romain Deciron, the trick for crêpes is that you MUST let the dough rest for AT LEAST an hour if not more. Any attempt to skip that step will lead to crêpes that are at most acceptable, but not memorable. That’s not true of pancakes. Pancakes can be made on a whim.

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