My First GM Experience


Yesterday, I ran my first tabletop RPG.

My only previous experience with tabletop storygames was one abstract GM-less game (like Polaris) that was fun, but nontraditional. Now in my game design class I’ve been assigned to create and run an adventure module using light, D&Dish rules. The goal is to tell a strong interactive story with a good interest curve. Remember, I’ve never played D&D before, much less run it.

I’d say the session was a surprising success!

I’ll upload my full postmortem when it’s complete. For now I’ll summarize by saying that things started slow but picked up well, and the best moments were when the players surprised me with their ingenuity. At one point they devised a plot worthy of any TV show that I hadn’t planned for at all. Thanks to Dave, Kai and Jimmy for playing!

Reflection: The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux (1910) was an interesting experience. Having seen Weber’s show on Broadway and the 2004 film I had a loose idea of what I was getting into, but my wife warned me that the book would be very different. It was an interesting read, even if it hasn’t become one of my favorite books. I found the characterizations and some of Leroux’s storytelling techniques interesting.

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