I recently heard about Gunchocomp through a blog post by Emily Short. Guncho is an extension of the Inform 7 interactive fiction platform that allows the user to create multiplayer/MUD experiences. Not much has been done with multi-user interactive fiction yet, so this competition sounds like a great opportunity to try something new.

I’ve never entered something into an interactive fiction competition before. I fiddled around with Inform 7 for a while and thoroughly enjoyed other people’s work, but I’ve never made anything substantial, myself. The more time I spend with the language, though, the more I admire it – natural language programming is an amazing experience.

So I think I’ll try and create an entry for GunchoComp this year. The deadline is August 6, 2009.

Selling Books

On Saturday, I finally got around to selling books down at Powell’s City of Books downtown. I had a couple boxes full of books that I’d been waiting to sell, and several around the house besides. So I gathered them all into a corner of the living room, hunkered down over my laptop and used Powell’s Online Bookbuyer to get a feel for what they might accept.

The online tool took about half of my books and offered me around fifty dollars for the lot. Of course, selling online takes a few weeks to process – I’d much rather get it over with. So I grabbed all the books that the website said it would take, and all the books that were pretty similar to those, and headed downtown.

The line wasn’t bad for a Saturday, and I wasn’t the only person carrying two boxes of books, so that was good. I was amazed at how much they took – I made eighty dollars selling books! ($75 after paying $5 for parking.) They took my complete New Jedi Order series, which is unusual – you’d think they’d have enough Star Wars books. They turned down a few paperbacks due to damage – creased covers and such (My copy of Shadows of the Empire is pretty well-loved). All in all, I did much better than I expected.

We’ll see how I fare selling textbooks on Thursday.

Dream Mall

I had a long and detailed dream, and at one point in my dream I stood in front of a large, brick mall with a Mexican restaurant just inside. This is about what the facade looked like.
Dream Mall
There’s one detail image on Flickr, or you can view and download the model at the 3D Warehouse.

Bench 1

Here’s another object in the watercolor-style of the lamppost. Today I tried making a park bench. It looks like the edges didn’t fully render when I exported the image… oh well.
Bench 1
As usual, you can see the back of the bench on Flickr, or view and download the model at the 3D Warehouse.

Lamppost 1

How about some color? This is my first attempt at texturing a model in SketchUp, and I found that the Watercolor setting made it come through nicely. A stylized lamppost/street sign on the corner of first and main:
Lamppost 1 Detail - Top
View more angles on this lamppost on Flickr or view and download the model at the 3D Warehouse.