Cannons and Castles

One of my earliest gaming memories: A simple Scorched-earth game where two castles on a randomly-generated terrain take turns shooting at each other by typing in an angle and power, adjusting for wind speed. My dad and I played this over and over. At such a young age, I probably learned a ton playing this game, not to mention early exposure to simulation gaming. Continue reading “Cannons and Castles”

Dear internet,

Any chance we could keep Breath of the Wild spoilers under wraps until the Switch gets a hardware revision in a year or two?


October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Did you know we had one of these? Neither did I. But apparently this is its eleventh year, and it’s as good a time as any to go learn something new about protecting your data online.

My favorite cybersecurity tip? If you don’t use a good password manager, you should. A password manager makes it relatively painless to use long, secure passwords. It also enables you to use a different password for every online account, mitigating the damage if one of your passwords is discovered. It’s also simply less stressful than trying five passwords every time you visit a website.

I’m partial to KeePassX, but LastPass and RoboForm are also popular. Any of them is better than continuing to use one password for all of your accounts.

You can find more resources at, or for this month’s theme, Stop-Think-Connect. They even have ways for faith-based organizations to get involved. Awesome!